• Our Kusimama stand is extremely stable, even on a windy day. But it’s easy to move. You can position the shade wherever you want to have it, without being a professional weightlifter.
  • The stand leaves no large stains on your lawn, the surface of a wooden terrace under the parasol stand can dry out after a rain.
  • You can store stand and parasol alongside your housecorner protecting it from rain.
  • The stand can be partly positioned under a table or seat and your shade remains close.
  • It’s foldable. Whether you’re travelling or just want so store it away for winter, with one simple manual you demount it into 7 items easy to carry.
  • The Kusimama stand is shapely and supports – in all respects – your beautiful parasol.
  • We do use domestic materials and produce our stand in Bavaria, the region where we live.
  • In the manufacture of our product we focus on quality, on sustainability and on conserving natural resources.